Who am I? You are probably not asking but I’m going to tell you. I’m Lucy and I’m 20 and currently studying Film Studies at [REDACTED] University. One of the reasons – well, the main reason this blog has been created is that I was previously doing a module on writing reviews. However, that module has finished and I’ve found myself enjoying writing reviews way more than I expected. Now I aim to try and write more film reviews when I can.

However, I do apologise, because it won’t be as regular as it should be due to real life, this is something I like to try and do in my spare time and often when I review a film, I try to do a film that has stuck with me and evoked a discussion within me that I need to share.

So please be kind, you can criticise but disagree, just obviously be kind about it and not a dick. The module didn’t actually teach me much about writing reviews per se, there was no technique taught, they literally just told us to write reviews and somehow managed to stretch it out into 10 lectures and seminars without really learning anything.


All opinions are my own. That is all you need to know. You can agree or disagree. Often I try to avoid writing spoilers for recent films, although minor spoilers can slip into the reviews, while films that have been released years ago – there is a good chance that those reviews could contain spoilers. Sometimes spoilers can be needed to know if it’s worth it and not wasting your time.